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Dealmaking excellence

We have extensive experience and an excellent track record in acting as lead advisor for M&A transactions, especially in the high-end SME sector. Our outstanding strength lies in our negotiating skills and bargaining power.


  • Company sale

  • Company acquisition

  • Management buy-out and buy-in (MBO/MBI)

  • Mergers

Consulting services

  • Overall management and coordination of the transaction process

  • Analysis of figures, business plan, financial planning

  • Company valuation

  • Identification of interested parties

  • Conducting negotiations (proven exceptional track record)

  • M&A strategy, succession planning

  • Long-standing cooperation with lawyers and tax advisors specializing in M&A transactions

Setting up a business in Switzerland

Switzerland is an excellent business location. We would be happy to advise you before you enter the Swiss market and can handle everything for you – and without any hidden fees because we value transparency.

We are experts in founding your company in Switzerland.

We will also continue to support you operationally and strategically, with the help of our network of lawyers, notaries and tax specialists.

We are also happy to provide, either on an interim basis or long-term, a senior executive manager or even the mandatory Swiss supervisory board member.

Don’t delay, contact us today!

All initial enquiries are free of charge and without obligation.

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